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Drunk/Hungover Flights

I had to get up this morning at 06:00 in order to catch my bus to the airport. This was the roughest morning of the trip. I was still drunk from the night before and I was stumbling through the streets to the bus stop. I vaguely remember taking the bus and arriving at the airport. During the check-in process two employees were asking everyone standard questions as part of the pre-screening process. I only remember being tired, drunk and confused as they talked to me. Luckily they were friendly and nice, otherwise I may have had problems getting checked in for my flight. I grabbed Burger King for breakfast so I would have something to eat before the flight. The rest of the day was a haze and a blur. Once I was on the plane, I passed out and slept most of the way back to the States.

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Northern Ireland... and late night drinks on a date

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Today was the last full day of my trip and included another long day tour with Wild Rover Tours: this time it was to Northern Ireland.

We headed out early again and drove straight to Belfast. Once there we had nearly two hours to spend either visiting the Titanic museum or taking a Time of Troubles tour, which the vast majority chose to do. The tour was very interesting and we were driven around in a black taxi to various places in both the Catholic and Protestant areas of the city. The majority of the stops were near murals commemorating the different martyrs for either side; the driver/guide told us stories about the Troubles at each stop. The most interesting sight was the wall that was built separating the two sides to help prevent the violence. The houses near the wall had additional protection against projectiles that could be thrown over the wall.

On our way to the Giant’s Causeway we stopped briefly near the ruins of Dunluce Castle, which was used as a filming location for Pyke in Game of Thrones. When we reached the Giant’s Causeway I followed the red path along the top of the cliffs and down to the Causeway itself. From above it appeared to be rather unimpressive, but when I reached the bottom I was amazed by everything. There were thousands of rock pillars of various heights extending into the sea. I spent some time climbing around the Causeway, which was rather fun, before following the blue path back up to the bus.

Our final stop for the day was the Carrick A Rede rope bridge, which crosses a 30m deep and 20m wide chasm; the bridge itself is rope and plank, which bounces around as people walk on it. It was thrilling and terrifying at the same time. I made it quickly across and took some amazing pictures from the small island before heading back across the bridge. After the bridge, we headed back to Dublin.

I got back to the hotel around 8:30 and took a quick shower before heading out to Temple Bar. Craig and I continued to text one another and he invited me to join him and one of his friends at a bar (his other friend had gone home that day). I met up with Craig and Desiree at the Gypsy Rose bar where we had a few beers. There was lone musician there playing the guitar; he was pretty talented and we hung out near him as we drank.

Craig was really attractive: taller than my usual type, but he has a great smile and an incredibly cute pouting look. I was instantly attracted to him (I liked his picture on Grindr, but he was even better in person!). We drank a few beers at the bar there and spent time chatting, getting to know one another. We then went over to another bar called The Bad Ass to have some more drinks. After a few beers, Craig and I started to get more friendly. Finally, we went to a gay bar called The George. The place was packed. Craig went in and got cash to pay for the cover charge. We made our way to the second floor, got some drinks and danced for quite a while. Eventually Craig and I started making out too! We finally left around 2am when the club closed. Craig went back to his hotel, but we made plans to get together later in the week when they flew home through Raleigh. I stumbled back to my hotel and fell asleep around 3am.

I had a great time with Craig and am looking forward to seeing more of him once we're both back in NC. :-) It was a fantastic way to end the trip!

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Cliffs of Moher and Galway

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A rough, early start this morning; I had to make it back into the city center to catch the tour bus by 07:00. I left the apartment later than planned and I literally had to run most of the way. I made it with about 10 minutes to spare.

The bus headed out of town towards the west coast and to the Cliffs of Moher. The weather in Dublin was cloudy and rainy, but it completely cleared up about half way to the Cliffs, much to our delight. We arrived at the Cliffs around lunchtime and spent about two hours walking around. The views were amazing!! I walked all along the Cliffs for the entire time we had there, each twist and bend in the path revealed more stunning views. The path extended past the official park area and was not protected by a wall near the cliff edge. I got somewhat close for several photos, but many other people would get out on the edge for some truly terrifying photos. I couldn’t handle the heights from those areas.

Our next stop was the Burren National Park, which was an area where the soil had been eroded away, revealing the exposed rocks beneath. It was almost like a lunar landscape: grey and rocky for as far as I could see, leading right up to the ocean. It was almost as impressive as the Cliffs of Moher.

We continued on to the city of Galway where we had a short, 45-minute guided tour and then had free time for dinner. The city is an older port city where Christopher Columbus visited to help raise money for his expedition. It was a quaint town and I spent the free time wandering around, stopping in the small church to have a look around.

We returned to Dublin around 8:30 that evening. I’d had enough of the long walk to the apartment in Ringsend, not to mention the sex noises, so I had booked a new hotel much closer to the city center. I rushed back to the apartment, hurriedly packed my bags, and rushed back to the new hotel. I’d been chatting on Grindr with a guy named Craig and we’d hoped to meet up that night. Craig is 29 and from Boone, NC (small world!); he was visiting Ireland for a week with two female friends of his; he’d hoped to be able to get away and meet up at my hotel. I stayed up watching House of Cards on Netflix, exchanging text messages with Craig; I finally fell asleep around 3am after we determined that meeting up wouldn’t be possible.

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St Patrick's Day in Dublin!

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Since I’d missed quite a bit of sightseeing time yesterday, I decided to get some more in before the parade started at noon. I walked back into town and saw some of Trinity College, the Dublin Castle, and St Patrick’s Cathedral (appropriate for the day!). Inside the Cathedral they had some shamrocks that you could take and pin to your shirt; needing something green and lucky for the day, I followed suit. The Cathedral was quite beautiful with very impressive stained-glass windows.

By this point it was getting near the time for the parade to start. I headed back along the parade route and found a good place where I could watch; I was right up front. The parade began at noon, but it was nearly 90 minutes later when it finally reached my location (I was nearer to the end of the parade route than to the start). Several marching bands, most from the US, performed and there were many different floats – many of which were quite strange, but in a fun way. Towards the end there was a large gap between marching bands and most of the crowd dispersed, believing the parade to be over. When the rest of the parade finally made it to us, there was only a few bands and one float left.

After the parade I went to a couple of bars to have some drinks. After going to one bar and not being terribly impressed, I stumbled upon the Trinity Bar (http://trinitybarvenue.ie/). It was packed, but I managed to get a beer and find a place to stand around to drink. They were playing some fun Irish music and everyone was drunk. A young woman came up and we started chatting. She was from Austria, but was living and working in Dublin now. She and I chatted for a long time, having several more beers.

I went downstairs to use the restroom and found that there was a quasi-dance club in the basement. The line for the bathroom was long and I chatted up the guy in front of me, who was rather cute and wearing some small fairy wings and suspenders. When he went into the stall to pee (the urinals were out of order) he kept glancing back at me. After rejoining my Austrian friend, I mentioned the cute guy so we went downstairs. The guy was definitely gay, flirting and grinding up on other guys on the dance floor. I joined in, grabbing his ass and flirting back, but to no avail. He was not interested.

The Austrian gal suggested we go to a different bar, so we went to Oliver St. John Gogarty’s. The bar was even more crowded than Trinity, with barricades up around the outdoor area. Rather than waiting in line we simply parted the barricades and walked in. We had one drink there and took a few pictures before returning to Trinity. She went to the bathroom and I went to flirt with the guy some more (I lost track of her after that).

I stumbled back to the apartment after some more flirting. I decided to head back out, but this time I dressed cuter and somehow I stumbled right back to Trinity. The guy was gone by that time (sadly), so I had a couple more beers before stumbling back to the apartment. By this point I was thoroughly and completely drunk; it is amazing that I made it back to the apartment both times in one piece, let alone making it back out to the Temple Bar area again!

That night at the apartment I believe that the owners had some friends over for some group sex. I know that two guys came over after I got back and they all went into the master bedroom, which shared a wall with my room. For the next few hours I heard continuous sex noises from the room and then the two visitors left. It was… uncomfortable to say the least. Luckily I was quite drunk and passed out shortly thereafter.

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Final Leg: Ireland

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I was up early for yet another early flight, this one with RyanAir direct to Dublin. The flight was uneventful and very quick, no more than an hour. Upon arriving in Dublin, I caught my shuttle into the city center. Driving into the city I was surprised to find it all rather… unremarkable. It seemed like any other large city with very few interesting buildings.

I was dropped off near Trinity College and proceeded to walk about 30-40 minutes to where my Airbnb apartment was located, in the Ringsend neighborhood. The owner, a German named Marc, was supposed to meet me, but he had to leave for a few hours. I spent the time sitting in a small park nearby with my luggage, reading. It wasn’t until nearly 2pm that Marc returned; I’d wasted nearly three hours of sightseeing time. He was very nice an apologetic; the apartment was very clean, I had my own room and I liked it very much.

I went right out into the city to sightsee; heading straight to the Guinness Storehouse as I’d bought a ticket for entrance that day. It was about an hour walk away, but I was able to see many of the major sights along the way (mostly churches). The Storehouse itself was a letdown; I had expected an actual tour of the factory, but instead it was several floors of a museum explaining beer and the Guinness story. It was somewhat interesting, but far from what I had hoped for. Several floors has the option to learn to pour the “perfect pint” which I skipped; not being a huge fan of Guinness I didn’t think it was worth the extra 5 EUR. I did have a delicious lunch there: beer and Guinness stew with mashed potatoes, and a Guinness to drink. I finished the tour with the complimentary beer on the top floor, which offered great views of Dublin.

I spent the rest of the afternoon wandering about the city and then made it an early evening. Having been on the go for so long, constantly getting up early, I needed the rest.

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